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Course Description

CycleMax II/III CCR Platforming™ Process Web-Based Training

Course Overview

This course provides an online overview of the CCR Platforming unit with a CycleMax II/III regenerator.

This course is not scheduled, please contact us at here for more information.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for process engineers and operations personnel who work with a CycleMax II/III CCR Platforming unit or supervise those who do.

Attendance is limited to UOP license holders.

The Course Duration is (in Days): 1.0

Course Benefits

  • Identify process flow of the Platforming unit
  • The catalyst chemistry and its effect on performance
  • Describe the implications of process variable changes and their effect on performance and catalyst deactivation
  • How to Identify catalyst poisons
  • The basics of catalyst regeneration

Course Topics

  • Platforming Process Overview
  • Platforming Chemistry
  • Reactor Section Process Flow and Equipment
  • Platforming Regeneration Principles
  • CycleMax II/III CCR Equipment
  • CycleMax II/III CCR Process Control

Supplemental Offerings

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