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Course Description

CCR Platforming™ Process for Cyclemax - Advanced Troubleshooting, Using Simulators

Course Overview

UOP now offers Advanced CCR/Platforming Simulator Training. This 5 day training course integrates sections of the popular CCR/Platforming Process Technology Training with our Simulator Training. This advanced training enhances the existing simulator experience by adding real operating scenarios that challenge the participant to think through multiple troubleshooting scenarios.

Platformer Side:
Feed Composition Shift – Multiple Rich/Lean Feed Cases
Loss of Feed to the Platforming Unit
Recycle Gas Compressor Failure
Net Gas Compressor Failure

Regenerator Side:
Regenerator Start-up
Burn Zone Upset - Rapid Shift in Coke Content
Burn Zone Optimization – Shifting Peak Temperature Location
Switching from Black Burn to White Burn, and back.

Each of these training classes is co-led by a UOP Simulator and Process Technology Expert. This training provides an opportunity for the participant to train on a unit simulator that responds remarkably close to a real operating unit. Moreover, the simulator has the ability to operate in real time and variable speeds. This provides a high degree of freedom to the participants and instructors in how fast they want to work through some sections.

Take advantage of the opportunity to experience a start-up and shutdown of a CCR Platforming Unit, respond to a variety of unit upsets, and optimize unit operations in as close to a real unit environment as you can get.

This course is not scheduled, please contact us at here for more information.

Who Should Attend

Beginner, intermediate and advanced DCS Operators and Supervisors. Similar to real-time operations, this class encourages group interaction to work through and solve problems from the DCS and field. Yes, this simulator has the ability to switch between control room and field operations i.e. adjusting air registers to optimize furnace operation, and access to field operated valves typically used during start-up.

Attendance is limited to current UOP license holders and UOP catalyst users.

The Course Duration is (in Days): 5.0

Course Benefits

  • Real-time interactive CCR/Platforming Unit operation
  • Learn how to spot and resolve unit upsets
  • Introduction to Process and Catalyst Reaction Chemistry (geared toward unit operation)

Course Topics

Supplemental Offerings

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