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Course Description

Unionfining Process**

Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to various aspects of Unionfining technology and key information on unit design, catalysts, and procedures. Through lecture and exercises participants will gain an understanding of the theoretical principles of hydrotreating, as well as the practical knowledge required for safe and efficient unit operation.

Participants will discuss best practices, determine better ways to evaluate operating data, and work with unit flow schemes and equipment. Participants will also discuss the impact of catalyst selection and process variables on unit performance, operating procedures and the philosophies behind them, and the metallurgy and corrosion issues specific to hydrotreating units. Case studies will allow participants to learn from actual Unionfining operating situations.

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Who Should Attend

This course is designed for process engineers and hydrotreating operations personnel.

**Attendance is limited to UOP license holders and UOP catalyst users.

The Course Duration is (in Days): 3.0

Course Benefits

  • Discuss fundamental aspects of the hydrotreating process
  • Identify the major equipment in the process flow
  • Identify the major equipment in the process flow
  • Develop effective troubleshooting techniques
  • Describe the importance of catalyst selection
  • Determine effect of changing process variables on unit performance

Course Topics

  • Hydrotreating chemistry
  • Catalyst properties and performance criteria
  • Process variables and their effects on product yields, product quality and cycle length
  • Hydrotreater unit flow schemes and unit equipment
  • Current catalyst slate, graded beds, loading and unloading
  • Unionfining unit metallurgy and corrosion issues (including reactor effluent air cooler)
  • Startup, shutdown, and normal operating procedures (including catalyst activation)
  • Feed and product analysis
  • Emergency procedures

Supplemental Offerings

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