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Course Description

Platforming™ Process Simulator Training

Course Overview

Led by UOP technical experts, participants will operate the simulator to get hands-on practical experience of normal operation, shut down, emergency procedures, and achieve an insight into the dynamic cause and effect relationships of the UOP Platforming Process. In addition, real world scenarios will be provided to enable participants to develop an understanding of unit operations and troubleshooting skills. The hands-on nature of the UOP training simulator allows the student to "learn by doing" and will result in an improved retention of skills and knowledge.

Web-Based Training is a prerequisite for this class to refresh the participants knowledge of the UOP Platforming Process. Free access is provided to each registered participant.

This course is not scheduled, please contact us at here for more information.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for process engineers and operations personnel who work with the CCR Platforming unit or supervise those who do.

The Course Duration is (in Days): 4.0

Course Benefits

  • Describe the function and operation of the CCR Platforming process
  • Understand process variable interactions
  • Prepare for safe flawless operations
  • Improve safety, reliability, and operational efficiency of the CCR Platforming Process by the ability to recover from various upsets and malfunctions
  • Troubleshoot the CCR Platforming process
  • Reinforce classroom learning and accelerate the development of knowledge through intensive practice on the simulator. Things that would normally take years of experience on the real unit.

Course Topics

  • Introduction of the Simulator / Learner interface
  • Preparation for Startup Procedure
  • Normal Operations with Process Variable Manipulation
  • Normal Operations Startup
  • Troubleshooting Scenarios and Exercises

Supplemental Offerings

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