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Course Description

Corrosion and Fouling Management

Course Overview

This course provides a fundamental understanding of the science of corrosion, the causes of corrosion and fouling, and techniques to solve corrosion and fouling problems encountered in refineries. Working as a team, participants will solve a corrosion issue using effective problem-solving techniques. Students are encouraged to bring examples of corrosion problems they’ve encountered on the job and the material will be addressed as time permits.

The course manual serves as both a course guide and reference material. It contains “rules of thumb” that can be immediately put into practice when participants return to their jobs.

Introductory college chemistry is desirable but not mandatory. Some familiarity with a variety of refinery units is highly desirable.

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Who Should Attend

The course is particularly beneficial to both new and experienced refinery personnel who are involved in the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of corrosion and fouling problems – including inspectors and corrosion professionals.

The Course Duration is (in Days): 5.0

Course Benefits

  • Identify common refinery corrosion and fouling problems, including where they typically occur
  • Describe the type of corrosion or fouling that is present based on location, process conditions, and symptoms
  • Identify control strategies for common corrosion and fouling problems, including their benefits and liabilities
  • Use problem-solving techniques to resolve corrosion problems
  • Apply knowledge of corrosion and fouling management to solve less common problems

Course Topics

  • Introduction to corrosion
  • Low temperature corrosion mechanisms
  • High temperature corrosion mechanisms
  • Fouling overview
  • Specific fouling problems
  • Unit specific corrosion information - Desalter, Crude Unit, Vacuum Unit, FCC, Amine Unit, Reformer, Hydrotreater, Hydrocracker, Penex Unit ,Sour Water stripper, Vis Breaker, Low Pressure Coking, Merox Unit, Sulfolane Unit, and HF Alkylation
  • Refinery chemicals - corrosion inhibitors and antifoulants
  • Corrosion monitoring and prevention
  • Problem solving and case studies

Supplemental Offerings

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