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Course Description

Refinery Process Fundamentals - Hybrid

Course Overview

This course provides a broad overview of the fundamentals of refinery operation and production. Using the refinery schematic, key processes are examined both as individual units and in the context of the refinery as a whole. The course material illustrates how each process works to turn crude into commercially viable products.

We will be offering this course both in person and virtually. Virtual participants will log on during the live course, which meets during Central Standard Time.

1 week prior to the start of the course, we will provide the Teams meeting link via E-mail.

This course is not scheduled, please contact us at here for more information.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for entry-level chemical engineers, engineers from other disciplines moving into a refining environment, and non-technical personnel seeking a review of the fundamentals of refinery operations.

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The Course Duration is (in Days): 5.0

Course Benefits

  • Illustrate how key units function
  • Explain the relationship of units in the refinery
  • Discuss on-stream reliability concerns for key units, especially as they relate to the processes
  • Explain temperature and pressure parameters and interpret their effect on unit performance
  • Create a flow diagram of each key unit
  • Describe the impact of each unit on the refinery’s bottom line

Course Topics

  • Brief history of refining
  • Properties of crude and products
  • Process units covered: Crude/vacuum distillation, Hydrotreating, Reforming, Isomerization (C4 and C5/C6), Alkylation, Polymerization, Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC), Hydrocracking, Heavy oil processing, Sulfur recovery and treating

Supplemental Offerings

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